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Hi there. No matter how you got here, thanks for checking out my blog.

What is it? Be Inspired Daily is a space to share recommendations on design, music, books, movies, home (do-it-yourself projects or interior design), etc.

Why? Im a graphic designer and always looking for new things to check out. Something to listen to, watch, make, read, whatever. I used to work in an environment where these recommendations happened daily among friends. Since I’ve moved, I miss that collaborative spirit — so I created a forum where this can be shared. I post things I’ve found (and that you’ve sent to me) once a day. Voila! Daily inspiration. Or at least … something fun.

You are invited to share on Be Inspired Daily. To keep it fresh (not burdensome), there will be only one post per day (M-Fri). Nothing complicated: Submit your latest favorite thing to Attach a JPG visual. Write 1-2 sentences about it. Check back daily to see your submission and share with your friends.


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Hi Christine,

Thanks for writing about The Exquisite Book! Would you like me to send you other art & design titles from Chronicle Books to review?

Patti Quill

Comment by Patti Quill

That would be great, Patti! I do visit Chronicle Books online all the time, but am happy to receive via email.

Comment by beinspireddaily

Hi Christine-
I’ve been checking out your blog (almost daily). Nicole turned me onto it. I love it! I’ve still been freelancing at IE (off and on). I miss you and hope you are doing well. Hope to see you one of these days. Do you ever make it back out to LA?

Comment by Lisa

Lisa! It is so nice to hear from you. I miss you guys. I visited for a wedding once last summer. I miss the beach but love the seasons. Dilemma, I guess. Family breaks the tie. However, Im not ruling out a second home someday 😉 Keep reading! Christine

Comment by beinspireddaily

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